Introducing The Future of Supply Chain: A Supply Chain VC Podcast Produced by Heard

by Apr 22, 2021

The Future of Supply Chain (TFOS) is a crown jewel in the Heard Podcasts portfolio. 

In addition to being a well known show that attracts exciting leaders in and around the Supply Chain space, TFOS has been a picture of consistency and quality over their years of production. Since launching in 2018, the show has not missed a week while publishing over 125 episodes for their audience’s education and enjoyment.

Led by Partner and Host Santosh Sankar, The Future of Supply Chain has enjoyed hosting guests from the largest companies in the world as well as some of the most newsworthy startups today. From Bellhops to Freightwaves to STORD (recently valued at over $200 million), Santosh has continued to push the conversation of innovation within the Supply Chain industry forward. The host’s style of casual conversation mixed with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of industry make the show enjoyable for operators, investors, and spectators alike. 

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Dynamo VC story, and proud to be partnered with them in the production of the Future of Supply Chain.

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