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Heard Podcasts helps entrepreneurs and executives to expand their network and grow their business through the strategic creation of podcast content.

Our Team

Jonny Gamet

Jonny Gamet


Jonny hails from Greenville, SC, although he is originally from Denver, CO (Go Broncos!). Jonny has a variety of experience in journalism and freelancing having worked for ESPN Radio, Yahoo Sports and more. He also is a youth pastor at his church and he and his wife have four kids (yes, large quantities of coffee help him get through each day.)

Jonny is a producer for Heard where he helps clients by editing audio podcasts and consulting on other projects.

Haley Walden

Haley Walden


Haley Walden is an intuitive brand voice copywriter who helps thought leaders and innovative brands position themselves as industry experts, influencers, and visionaries in their fields. She’s a multi-passionate geek with many obsessions, including books, martial arts, film, music, and musicals. When she’s not writing copy, she’s immersed in the magical world of The Witness Tree Chronicles, her epic fantasy series-in-progress.

Carlton Riffel

Carlton Riffel

Creative Director

Carlton’s experience across a variety of creative disciplines including videography, web design, & brand design contributes to the success of your podcast by making sure it looks as good as it sounds.

Carlton enjoys the great outdoors of the Chattanooga area as well as working with his hands to build beautiful things. 


Derek Rogers

Derek Rogers

Technical Lead

Derek is a co-founder and technical guru for all things software and hardware as it relates to your podcast production.

Derek is an experienced entrepreneur, husband, and dad in addition to serving on the City Council for the town where he and his family reside.

Adam Vazquez

Adam Vazquez


Adam is a co-founder and leads growth for Heard podcast clients. Adam leverages the storytelling skills learned during his career in advertising to help clients craft compelling podcast content.

Gene De Libero

Gene De Libero


Gene is 30-year digital innovation guy with a passion for leadership, change management, digital transformation, customer experience (CX), digital strategy, digital marketing, marketing technology (martech), and business development. In addition to serving as an adjunct faculty member at NYU, Gene challenges assumptions & constantly pushes the team at Heard to put the customer at the center of every decision.

Our Values

Empower Creators

We believe every entrepreneur, executive, and creative has a story to share. Our product and marketing elevates their journey and offers a platform to share their vision.

Amplify Worthy Causes

Mass-produced, fear-mongering, and agenda-driven content is pumped out daily. We work with companies and creators whose integrity and unique value is worthy of sharing.

Simplify the Process

Quality content requires your unique perspective & skill. We take care of all the details so you can focus on your core message.

Generate Abundant Results

We believe in and operate with an abundance mentality. Our goal is not to tear down or compete with external entities. We believe our clients’ messages will connect with the right audiences and win long-term when executed correctly.

For the Greater Good

Our work should benefit more than just ourselves. We create to serve our employees, customers, and the communities we live and work in.

Heard helps entrepreneurs and executives to expand their network and grow their business through the strategic creation of podcast content.

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