BitClout is Changing the Game for Podcasters

by Mar 29, 2021

Most podcasters have realistic expectations when it comes to making revenue from producing their show. 

“It’s for branding purposes.”

“We’re in it for the long haul.”

“The relationships are more valuable than ad revenue.” 

While all sound and wise approaches to long-term content creation, even the most patient creators wouldn’t mind being rewarded financially from the effort invested in their podcast. Making some revenue from your show will help prioritize the content and affirm the show’s value to potential listeners. 

This reality is why I’m intrigued by platforms like BitClout

I have a ton of questions and concerns about the platform’s reliability and viability as it currently exists. But the fact that it exists will be a net positive for creators. Platforms like Bitclout, Steemit, and the NFT wave continue to buck the legacy systems that required corporate patrons to fund creation. 

Now, creators are empowered to command a revenue stream directly for the value they create. The internet is evolving from an ad-based system to a more efficient marketplace that enables creators to build a brand (or clout) online and receive the maximum value for their brand, assets, and intellectual property. 

Future channels and platforms may be more efficient, secure, and widespread than any existing tools. Still, these platforms’ existence points to a future that rewards creators who publish audience-first content. Audio and video will continue to be among the most intimate ways to do so. 

Keep that in mind next time you record. The time you invest today may result in a small brick that makes up the foundation of a valuable internet brand. No pressure. 🙂 

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