Build a Podcast Landing Page that Converts

by Mar 18, 2021

Building a dedicated landing page can feel like extra and unnecessary work.

There are so many plug and play options that are functional – you might as well just opt for whatever is easiest, right? While a common choice, neglecting a well-designed landing page means ignoring low hanging fruit for your show.

Creating a dedicated landing page will increase brand awareness and acquisition, incentivize audience engagement, and drive conversions. In this post, we’ll highlight the main components of a well-built landing page to help you achieve the maximum return from your podcast.

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Using a Landing Page to Drive Conversions
Breakdown of a Well-Designed Landing Page
Evaluating Popular Show Pages

Develop an Audience That Converts

We’ll argue in a moment that conversion is a primary function of your show. In order to effectively convert, however, you need to build an audience worth converting. Enter: landing pages.

Audience Development

In addition to hosting basic show engagement components like individual episode show notes, full transcriptions, and follow pages by platform, the landing page can be a community center that expands your audience by cultivating engagement with each other and the show.

Hosts can maximize the value provided by driving providing unique discourse and exclusive content on the landing page. Components like blogs, video interviews, and even merchandise can serve as sufficient reasons for audience members to visit the site.

Audience Ownership

There is plenty of conversation happening around the idea of owning media platforms and audiences directly as opposed to relying on a social platform or some other gatekeeper that can choose to restrict your access.

This may be the most obvious reason for creating a show page. Although your audience probably feels some affiliation toward you and your brand as a result of the show, there isn’t a clear way to signal their interest on the native platforms. “Follows” and “reviews” are inherently limiting in their reach and in the engagement that is even possible natively. Being able to capitalize on the relationship you’ve built with your audience over time is incredibly important.

Show sites can facilitate audience ownership by helping build email lists that serve as a direct pipeline to the audience, or simply being an avenue for publication that isn’t dependent on any other single breaking point.


The single most important reason you need a landing page for your podcast is simple: conversion. Before you begin shouting about how your show doesn’t need to convert or isn’t a sales tool, consider:

  • Your current need to convert prospect listeners into audience members
  • Your future ability to convert audience members into customers
  • The opportunity to convert your audience/customers into an ad revenue stream

Conversion is more than just a term to describe driving customers to your main product or service, although it does that too. Podcasting is one giant mechanism to drive conversions of one kind or another.

Leveraging your landing page to do some fundamental marketing actions like building an email list, driving traffic to their listening platform of choice, and driving deeper engagement outside of the show are all converting tactics enabled by a dedicated landing page.

The Attributes of a Well-Designed Landing Page

A well built landing page doesn’t need to be complex. You’ve interacted with dozens of great landing pages and probably didn’t think twice about it. That’s the sign of a truly great show page – it’s simple and effective enough to let the user take action without thinking.

Here are some fundamentals to include on your page:

Clear Headline

Many shows get caught up in trying to develop an overly creative or communicative header that pulls the audience in or persuades them to take some action right off the bat. It’s simpler than that.

The odds of a non-listener or someone completely unfamiliar with your show brand landing on the page are low. Give the visitor a direct way to become a loyal listener by directing them to your content as efficiently as possible.

Compelling Visual

A visual that captures the prospect’s attention is an appropriate opportunity to invoke some creativity. The podcast medium is inherently not visual, but your visitors respond to visual inputs. Use this space to emphasize connections between your core brand and the visual brand the audience is experiencing.

Concise Copy

Less is more here. The prospect doesn’t need to understand the entire host and show history to be interested in the content. Give them bullet points or short paragraphs that clearly explain the show’s value proposition.

This isn’t the time to flex all of your creative and clever one-liners. Save that for show content. Once again, clarity is king here.

Call to Action

As we discussed above, conversion is an important component of the landing page. How do you want to engage with your audience outside of the show? Whatever the answer is, providing a clear and easy way for visitors to participate is perhaps the most important part of a well-designed landing page.

Follow (RIP Subscribe)

Provide your visitor with links (don’t just paste full links on the page, please) that direct them to the podcast player of their choice. Provide direct links to the major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or any other platforms you know your audience listens on.

Dissecting Popular Show Pages

North Star Podcast

What went well:

  • Clear explanation of show’s value proposition up front
  • Subtle visual ties to broader brand (purple highlights)
  • Easy navigation to platforms and episodes

Areas for improvement:

  • More compelling visual that offers brand “weight” – current strategy of only leveraging guest photos misses an opportunity to build brand loyalty with audiences
  • Show call to action – missing entirely
  • Easier navigation between episodes – current format requires a lot of scrolling to find older episodes

Pomp Podcast

What went well:

  • Big visual tying the show to broader brand
  • Clear headline and copy
  • Easy navigation to platforms

Areas for improvement:

  • Call to action missing
  • Navigating to previous episodes could be improved

The Breakfast Club

What went well:

  • Good navigation between show types

Areas for improvement:

  • No clear headline
  • Copy is sparse and unclear
  • Visuals could be much stronger and tied to brand
  • Call to action missing
  • Individual episode navigation is unclear

Obviously these shows are doing just fine without having the perfect landing page – and yours might too! Still, incorporating a strong connecting point for audiences that effectively communicates and pulls them into your brand’s ecosystem is an opportunity that any show can take advantage of to maximize your show’s potential.


  • Incentivize conversion where possible
  • Clarity > Creativity for a show landing page
  • Reinforce your parent brand where possible

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