What equipment do I need?

A standard podcast kit is included as a part of the on-boarding process for any show that is a CREATOR level or up. The podcast kit includes:

    • 2 Cardioid Microphones
    • 2 XLR cords & accompanying adaptors
    • 2 microphone stands for studio setup
    • 1 adaptor kit for remote interviews
    • 1 Travel Recorder/Mixer
    • 1 Travel Case
Is the equipment included in my subscription?

A standard podcast kit is included as a part of the on-boarding process for all HEARD managed podcasts.

How do I learn how to run the podcast equipment?

Each show is kicked off with a training and equipment setup provided by HEARD. We’ll walk through each piece of equipment step by step with you to ensure your comfort with the process and leave you with simple instructions for ongoing recording. We also have a library of training videos for using the HEARD podcast kit.

Do you run the podcast recording for me?

Once your on-boarding is complete, you’ll be equipped to record a show at any time and from anywhere that you like. It’s as easy as hitting the “big red button.” Once recorded, you’ll simply upload the audio to a shared folder we provide, and you’re done! It’s that simple.

Is the equipment included in my subscription?

A standard podcast kit is included as a part of the on-boarding process for all HEARD managed podcasts.

How do I transfer files to you?

You’ll have a private Google Drive that is organized by episode and allows for easy upload. Once you complete a recording, you’ll simply upload the raw audio files to the appropriate folder.

How does the blog and social content get created?

Once your episode is edited our editorial team will use the conversation to create a variety of content based on your subscription. We’ll use the primary topics discussed on the podcast as seed content to write topical blogs, create visual content, and develop relevant social media concepts for your brand.

How can I use podcasts to grow my business?

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the best ways to generate marketing content to grow your brand and your network in and around your industry.

There are a variety of strategies you can use to grow your brand via podcasting, but below are a few common ways our shows have generated success:

    • Using podcasting to source topics for your larger content strategy (e.g. blogs, social, etc.)
    • Creating business relationships with relevant prospects by interviewing them on your podcast
    • Marketing your products or services to your podcast audience directly
    • Selling sponsorship of your podcast to a relevant advertiser who wants access to your audience

There are a plethora of other ways that you can grow using podcasts, and we’ll use the creative kickoff session to define and strategize these methods for your individual show.

What is your editing process?

Our editors begin by downloading your raw files and mixing them together into a single track for production.

Next, we’ll edit the entire episode for noise pollution, echos, and volume control.

Following this, the editor will scrub the episode for conversational blunders, and verbal clutter (e.g. um, erm, awkward laughter or pauses, etc.).

Finally, any sound effects, music, bumpers, and the intro/outro are added to the final draft.

We wrap up the process by ensuring the ID3 tagging is done correctly and uploading the draft file to our hosting platform for approval prior to publication.

Our Values

Empower Creators

We believe every entrepreneur, executive, and creative has a story to share. Our product and marketing elevates their journey and offers a platform to share their vision.

Amplify Worthy Causes

Mass-produced, fear-mongering, and agenda-driven content is pumped out daily. We work with companies and creators whose integrity and unique value is worthy of sharing.

Simplify the Process

Quality content requires your unique perspective & skill. We take care of all the details so you can focus on your core message.

Generate Abundant Results

We believe in and operate with an abundance mentality. Our goal is not to tear down or compete with external entities. We believe our clients’ messages will connect with the right audiences and win long-term when executed correctly.

For the Greater Good

Our work should benefit more than just ourselves. We create to serve our employees, customers, and the communities we live and work in.

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