Our services are designed to elevate your brand while alleviating any of the stress normally entwined with a new project.

Podcast Production

Our core offering and the foundation for every client we serve. Our production service includes:

    • Professional sound editing and mixing
    • Compression, noise reduction, voice equalization
    • Seamless Intro, Outro, and ads insertion
    • ID3 Tagging
    • Professional Hosting & Analytics

Creative Services

We’ll help you develop a brand and show concept that showcases your unique value.

    • Show brand concept
    • Logo design
    • Album Art Creation
    • Theme Music Development
    • Intro/Outro Creation

Studio Setup

Leave the technical side to us. We’ll bring you the best podcast setup tailored to your particular needs, and even come set it up in your office or studio.

    • Equipment Purchase & Delivery
    • Mobile Studio Installation
      Cardioid Microphones
      Zoom Recorder
      Branded carrying case
    • Branded Team Drive for File Uploads

Executive Media Day

We know you may not have a ton of room in your schedule to host episodes. So, we’ll come onsite at your office or a conference for 1-3 days to produce a quarterly media day during which we record, film, and produce enough content for several months of your show.

    • On-site podcast production & recording
    • Guest management & schedule coordination
    • Filming of Live episodes for podcast marketing

Lead/Guest Generation

Soon your show will be a rite of passage for individuals in your industry. Until then, we’ll do the leg work of identifying, contacting, and booking relevant guests for your show.

    • Creation of shared show CRM to cultivate and maintain contacts
    • Outreach to targeted list of relevant guests
    • Management and coordination of guest scheduling
    • Follow up & content sharing with guests

Podcast Marketing

The riches are in the niches when it comes to a quality podcast. But, that doesn’t preclude us from spreading the good word about your show.

    • Professional written blogs for each episode published
    • SEO tailored show notes with timestamps and links
    • Quote Cards for Social Media Profiles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
    • WAV show files for social sharing

Heard helps entrepreneurs and executives to expand their network and grow their business through the strategic creation of podcast content.

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