Make Your Show Uniquely Yours


The one legitimate knock on podcasting (we don’t allow slander of our beautiful medium) is that many of the shows that have popped up over the course of time are incredibly similar to one another.

To avoid a similar fait, we make it our priority to ensure that customer shows are unique in content, format, and style to ensure an engaging and interactive format that best connects you to your intended audience. Here is some of the blocking and tackling that takes place to do so:

Market Research:

We find out what others in your industry are saying (if anything) and ensure that yours is a distinct voice in the space

Show Concept:

We’ll work together with you and your team to develop a concept that uniquely frames your areas of expertise and interest while also providing maximum value to your audiences.


Our creative team will develop a show brand, logo, and album art to represent your identity in the variety of places we’ll be promoting the show.

Sound Design:

Alongside the concept and brand development, we’ll create theme music and a custom intro/outro that best represents your brand and serves the show concept itself.

Episodes being “live” is just the beginning.
Check out how we promote your show brand through our marketing process.

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