Interview The Very Best


Depending on your show concept, interviewing leaders in your (or your target audience’s) industry can be a sure way to realize a positive ROI through your podcasting efforts.  


Finding, scheduling and coordinating your guests can be time-consuming or difficult depending on your industry and commitments.

We make it as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. We’ll create a shared CRM of prospective guests to cultivate and maintain together
  2. Our team will perform outreach to targeted prospects and schedule those guests who want exposure on your show’s platform
  3. We’ll provide talent management to ensure the guest has a positive experience with the show and is followed up with appropriately to share their episode + any marketing materials that feature their content.

(note: this service is available exclusively to our Executive level customers)

Is time and scheduling a barrier to developing your podcast?
Our expedited process (Executive Media Days) of producing several months worth of content incredibly quickly may serve you best

Heard helps entrepreneurs and executives to expand their network and grow their business through the strategic creation of podcast content.

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