How Do Podcasts Drive Business Results? 3 Specific Ways To Move the Needle

by Jan 15, 2020

Podcasts are receiving considerable hype as a strategy to efficiently generate marketing content that can drive business results.

The praise isn’t without merit.

Podcasts are no longer a novelty reserved for early adopters and audiophiles. Instead, 2021 has ushered in an era of marketing where podcasts are a more effective version of the blog posts most companies are already creating. This is true for a few specific reasons:

Branded Podcasts Seed Broader Content Strategies

When done correctly, podcasting should serve as the basis for a cohesive and encompassing content strategy. Each podcast holds a library of topics and themes that expand through a variety of content executions.

The act of recording a podcast is just the beginning of the process for the business. Each episode can serve as the starting point for the cultivation of relevant blog posts, micro-videos, social content, and long-form white papers.

The content possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

Guests = Prospects or Partners

Your podcast isn’t just a content creation device. It’s also a platform on which your guests can share their brand story and cultivate equity with your audience.

This reality will help you attract guests who are in and around your industry, and can serve as an introduction for you into prospects and partners with whom you might otherwise have trouble gaining access. The idea of co-creating content with your target prospect or an industry partner is endlessly more valuable than the typical cold transactional introduction.

Hosting a podcast allows you to bring instant value to your guest while providing you with the opportunity to form deep industry relationships together.

Your Audience is Inherently Valuable

Many others have documented the benefits of creating content regularly around your area of interest or expertise.

One byproduct often overlooked in this equation; however, is the value of the actual audience you develop while you go about creating podcasts,  generating content, and developing business opportunities.

Creating content that has depth and quality to it compounds over time and cultivates an audience that is specifically interested in your particular niche. Doing so has massive value both for your business, and to other companies, individuals, or brands that want access to that niche.

Let me give you a real-life example:

We have a customer who began podcasting as a way to develop thought leadership in their space while meeting quality industry partners. Generating revenue or earning sales; as a result, was not a part of their equation when launching the show.

Several months into their show, they were contacted by an industry vendor who wanted access to their now sizable audience. The vendor offered to become a paying sponsor for the ability to place an ad on the show.

As a result, our customer was able to generate more revenue than they were spending on their podcast while recording the rest of their show as they usually would.

In essence, they got paid to make valuable industry connections, develop thought leadership, and promote their brand to an audience who had self-identified as prospective partners or customers.

Grand. Slam.

This result is a best-case scenario that doesn’t always happen to those who produce podcasts for their businesses. But, it demonstrates the upside of creating and connecting on top of the built-in benefits that come with building a branded podcast.

Comparing podcasts to blog posts is comparing apples to…an entire apple farm. Sure, you can eat the single apple, but why not enjoy the apples you cultivate on your land while you make money giving folks tours and charging for apple picking?

Efficiently and effectively generating business results through podcasts is a byproduct of showing up and recording the episodes.

For the rest, find a producer who can help your brand be HEARD.


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