How to record a podcast remotely using the Zoom Handy Recorder

by Mar 6, 2020

A common request we get from clients is, “How do I record a studio-quality podcast if I can’t interview my guest in person?”

There are many reasons why recording remotely makes more sense for certain interviews than an in-person recording. Convenience, accessibility, and coordination of schedules are just a few. For HEARD clients, this process couldn’t be easier. Our podcast kit comes fully equipped with the tools you’ll need to record a high-quality interview despite being in entirely separate locations.

In this video, we demonstrate the exact setup and process for recording an episode without being in-person while using the Zoom H6N Handy Recorder that comes standard in every HEARD podcast kit.

:30 – Equipment review and setup
:38 – Activating the Recording Channels
1:00 – Headphone Plug In
1:20 – Starting and Stopping Recording
1:40 – Adding a Second Host
2:05 – Splitter for Multiple Guests

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