Introducing 162: A Baseball Podcast Produced by Heard

by Apr 15, 2021

Heard was started as the result of an experiment gone right. In 2016, our founders started a podcast that punched above its weight in awareness and in producing business results. A new service company was born.

Over time, we’ve continued to grow to where we are today: producing (at the time of this writing) 22 customer shows on behalf of companies, celebrities, and executives all over the world. Now, we’d like to introduce you to some of those shows and give you an idea of all of the different business models and objectives that exist within the Heard family.

We’ll begin with one of our newest shows.

162: A Semi-Weekly Baseball Podcast

162 is one of the newest shows produced by Heard. The Co-hosts are Coach Tony Miller (also the host of Heard Production: A Quick Timeout) and Adam Vazquez. Adam is one Heard’s CoFounders and was formerly the host of “The Startup Show” which was the very first Heard Podcast.

The semi-weekly show is focused on the baseball fan experience and is designed to share the mutual love of baseball that so many enjoy. Each episode, the hosts discuss what happened around the major leagues (particularly the NL East), while sharing baseball stories from the past, and inviting on special guests to discuss how they fell in love with baseball. The show is first produced as a livestream on Twitter and then re-edited and published as an audio-only podcast.

For any inquiries or to share your baseball love story, check out the site or email us at

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