Introducing Heard

by Jan 13, 2020

Hello, world.

We’re thrilled to be publicly launching and announcing HEARD for the very first time today.

As we launch, we wanted to give a clear explanation of what HEARD is, why we exist, and what we hope to accomplish by bringing this new business into the world.

HEARD is a podcast production company that empowers entrepreneurs & executives to expand their business through the strategic creation of branded podcast content.

We believe in the power of a voice to create impact, drive results, and create change and have developed this business as a way to promote and support those creators, entrepreneurs, and executives who are trying to use their voices for the betterment of their families, businesses, and communities.

Alright, so that’s a lot of flowery talk. What is it that HEARD actually does?

The straightforward answer is that we produce podcasts for busy business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives.

There is a ton more that goes into our process and the promotion we do for shows once they’ve launched, and you can learn all about that over on our Services page.

More importantly, we’re driven by 5 Core Values that we believe in wholeheartedly and strive to promote through our business. They are to:

1. Empower Creators
2. Amplify Worth Causes
3. Make Creation Simple
4. Generate Abundant Results
5. For the Greater Good

You can dive into our thinking and learn more about our values and team on our About page.

This launch represents months of work, testing, and preparation, and we’re so excited to connect and support so many of you who have something to say. Please reach out and let us know any thoughts, feedback, or ideas you have for your own show!

The world is listening!

– The HEARD Team

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