You Record. We Handle The Rest.

Our producers are experienced sound engineers with thousands of hours of podcast and radio production under their collective belts. So, you can focus your energy on cultivating the best conversation possible while knowing we’ll produce a world-class show for you.

Due to our affinity for cats, however, we’d prefer to avoid any curiosity related injuries. So, here is the general process we follow as we produce individual episodes.

1. File Download & Sound Editing

Our first step is to download the raw files from your recording session and mix the raw files into a single file for editing.

2. Noise Reduction and Equalization

Once combined, our editors edit the entire track to normalize the voice levels, remove ambient noise, and reduce as much sound pollution as possible from the raw files.

3. Episode Production

The mixed tracks are then pieced together as directed by the individual storyboard for that particular episode. This process includes the curation of the conversation, insertion of special effects and music, and eventually the inclusion of the intro and outro.

4. Compression and Export

Once the episode has gone through several editing cycles and is ready for export, the mixed files are compressed and exported for review by the customer. At this point, ID3 Tagging and uploading to our hosting site occurs as well.

5. Publication

Once approved, the episode is scheduled for publication following the set cadence of the show.

6. Analytics

All Heard shows are monitored and provided with weekly reports on rolling analytics to compare audience size and location, interest levels by topics, and to evaluate the success or failure of show marketing efforts.

Producing the episodes is a big part of the process.
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