The Podcast Kit You Need for Inexpensive and High-Quality At Home Recording

by Mar 15, 2021

2020 manufactured an entirely new crowd of at-home podcasters needing to create high-quality and engaging content from the discomfort of their kitchen tables, living room couches, or bedroom closets.

To help these rogue producers operate more effectively, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite tools to equip domestic DJ. This is no means definitive, but the simplest set of tools we’ve found to create the highest quality for the cost.

Microphone: ATR 2100: Cardioid microphone that is both high-quality and cost efficient. Got kids running in the hallways? This mic will help mitigate their impromptu cameos on your show.

Epoc Cam Pro: Turns your smartphone camera into your streaming camera so you get iPhone or Android (lol) quality rather than the computer camera that makes you seem like you’re recording in a dirty cave.

Airpods or Bluetooth Headphones: Really any will work. Noise cancellation is a nice perk.

Neewer Dimmable Light: multifunctional and can be fastened to most tripods. Helpful to give your face that “i don’t sleep in the same space I’m recording this episode” glow.

Riverside FM: Zoom is fine, but for as little as $15/month you can use the same streaming platform as your favorite major networks. “Big Streaming” doesn’t want you to know about Riverside.

That’s it! For around $250 you can have a setup that allows you compete with the big kids. Once you buy this set, be ready to start looking down your nose at the inferior setups you see on live tv and feel free to share this list with your favorite at-home podcasters.

Need more help setting up your new show? Check out our Comprehensive 21 Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful Show.

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